Pratanu Mandal


A file encryption utility

Download FileGuard

Do you have confidencial data that you don't want others to have access to?
Worry no more!   Here is the perfect solution.
This application has been designed to serve this very purpose.

After installation, you are presented with a simple GUI.
Select the file using "Browse" option or directly right click on the file to be encoded from windows explorer and select "Open with FileGuard". Enter a password, and click on "Encode" button. The application will encode your file and create a new file with ".eff" (encoded file format) extension. Delete the original file if you want.
You now have the securely encoded file!

You can also transfer this file to anyone you want in a secure manner since third parties will not be able to view your file.

Change Log  [ version : 4.5.3 ]

  • Support for Folder Encryption added
  • File Explorer rebuilt for easier access
  • Associated ENTER key with action buttons
  • Support for Hidden Files added
  • Version Checker improved